A demonstration of the Generative Trance Energy Ball exercise – Steve Gilligan

Here is great video of Steve Gilligan demonstrating the Generative Trance Energy Ball exercise.

Generative Trance is one of the core IAGC certifications. Generative Trance engages both the conscious and the unconscious of both the practitioner and the client using meditation type of exercises  to develop generative solutions to problems. Steve says:

The first generation of trance work, the traditional hypnosis that still holds sway in most places, considers that both the conscious mind and the unconscious mind of the client are, to put it bluntly, idiots. So trance work involves first ‘knocking out’ the conscious mind and then talking to the unconscious mind like a 2-year old that needs to be told how to behave. Milton Erickson created the second generation of trance work. He approached the unconscious as having creative wisdom and each person as extraordinarily unique. Thus, rather than trying to programme the unconscious with new instructions, Erickson saw trance as an experiential learning state where a person’s own creative unconscious could generate healing and transformation. At the same time Erickson, for the most part, carried the same low opinion of the conscious mind. Thus, Ericksonian hypnosis looks to bypass the conscious mind with indirect suggestions and dissociation and depotentiate it with confusion techniques.

Steve Gilligan, Generative Trance – the Experience of Creative Flow

In Generative Trance work, the unconscious and the body need the body need to be engaged, but there is still a place for the conscious mind in integrating and planning the next steps in the generative process. 






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