Generative Change in the UK

Generative change is a cognitive, somatic and systemic approach to creating change beyond existing solutions, either in one’s personal, professional or organisational life. IAGC is the membership organisation for people certified in Generative Coaching, Generative Trance and Generative Consulting and we offer on-going professional development.

IAGC UK is a hub for the UK generative change community to develop best practice, facilitate networking, professional development, IAGC and IAGC accredited CPD courses and supervision.

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dilts and gilliganRobert Dilts and Steve Gillian, Founders of IAGC


Judith Julian and RobbieIAGC regional representatives, left to right: Judith Lowe, Julian Russell, and Robbie Steinhouse

Judith Lowe

Judith Lowe, Director of PPD Learning, is one of the most experienced teachers of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) in the UK. She is on the board of Association for Neuro Linguistic Programming (ANLP) and is a founder member of the Professional Guild of NLP (PGNLP).

Julian Russell

Julian Russell, has been an executive coach for 25 years working on 3 continents, is a psychotherapist, and is founder of The Life Talent Programme, a 20-day personal transformation programme.

Robbie Steinhouse

Robbie Steinhouse is the founder of NLP School and is an entrepreneur in recruitment, property and insurance. His books include Think Like an Entrepreneur, Brilliant Decision Making, How to Coach with NLP and Mindful Business Leadership.